How is Selling A Home Like Internet DatingPictures are Everything!

How is Selling a Home Like Internet Dating?


It’s all about the photos!


If you’ve never used an internet dating service, this will probably be somewhat mysterious to you but if you have, well, you’ll certainly ‘get’ this concept!


Imagine you’re single and one of your friends has talked you into trying the internet as a resource in the search for your soulmate. You sign up and the website sends you two possible matches – you have some common interests and they sound intriguing so what’s the first thing you do? Why, you look at the pictures, of course! One of your ‘matches’ has 10 really nice photos of him/her with friends, dressed up, casual, etc. You think, “Hmmm, I may be interested in this person.” The other match has taken a photo with their cell phone of their reflection in a bathroom mirror. You can barely see their face and, well, it’s a bathroom for heaven’s sake!


That’s a bit of an exaggerated scenario (but maybe not!) but I think we all understand that when searching for a home (a ‘soulhouse’ as it were) photographs can be a huge factor in how much traffic you receive and how quickly you sell that listing. So don’t spare the photographer – stage that property to the best of your ability and capture the essence of that home with the best photos!