San Diego: A Diverse Junction of Land and SeaFrom the pages of RESIDE® Luxury Homes and Lifestyles Around the World, Fall 2012

On any given morning the San Diego County beachesfrom Point Loma all the way north to the Trestles at San Onofre State Beach are lined with surfers. Seen from the shore the figures look the same, paddling out toward the breakers and gliding home over rolling swells in an early light that gives the scene an almost iridescent clarity. What separates this choreography from those that play out up and down California’s southern coast is not just San Diego’s particularly diverse junction of land and sea but also a subtext that isn’t evident from land.

“We think we have some of the wealthiest surfers in the world,” says Steve Games, Chairman of the Board at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. “You’d be amazed at the active business people in San Diego that surf every day. Every day. They get up way in advance and instead of going to the gym they go to the water.”

Accordingly, some of the most prestigious addresses in Southern California sit above the beaches, coves, harbors and bluffs of San Diego County’s 70-mile coastline. Just as residents of New York or Miami instinctively adopt the pace and rhythms of their cities, those who live in these coastal communities naturally arrange their lifestyles around year-round outdoor activities such assailing, fishing, cycling, surfing and golf.

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