What's Your Strangest Experience Showing A Home? Agents Have Stories To Tell

What’s Your Strangest Experience While Showing A Home?


Well, after polling all PSIR agents regarding their most embarrassing or most bizarre experiences whilst showing a home, I heard many unusual & sometimes unmentionable tales. I have omitted the names of the agents here to protect the innocent – or otherwise.


One agent related a slightly creepy story about when he showed an upscale 3-story condominium that was supposed to be vacant. He got in via the lockbox before his client arrived and all the downstairs rooms were completely empty of any furniture or personal items except for the back bedroom. Therein he found men’s clothing, shoes & other sundries. He called out, “Is anyone home?” but received no answer.  He somewhat tenuously climbed to the 2nd floor and did a complete search including closets – no sign of anyone or anything. On to the 3rd level  at which time he asked himself, “Should I call for backup?” He did a similar search of the 3rd floor – at the very last, he spied a small door to a crawlspace – surely no one could be in there but his client would want to look. He flicked open the latch & slowly pulled the creaking door open – just as he was swinging it wide a man’s voice rang out, “Don’t shoot!” There was a scream (we’re not implying that the agent screamed) & there before him stuffed in the tiny space with his arms covering his head, was a 6ft-200 lb man. He was the roommate of the owner -- he’d lost his job and had nowhere else to live. Sad but true.


Then there was the story of the agent who went to the next door neighbor’s house (instead of the home that was ‘For Sale’) & showed the entire house until the very last bedroom where there was a little elderly lady sound asleep on the white lace covered bed. Fortunately, the lady slept on & the agent swept her client from the house in short order.


There are many stories about owners just climbing out of the shower as the agent opened the bathroom door, owners sleeping semi-clothed on the sofa, dogs & cats leaping to freedom as soon as the front door opened, strange-looking cigarette butts with strange-smelling green tobacco (at one place the current renter actually answered the door with one in hand), children in full-blown tantrum mode screaming during the entire showing (which was rather shorter than usual) and most distressing of all, folks who were no longer among the living.


And we’ll leave you with one more tale in the saga of showing homes. Our intrepid agent with client in tow enters another abode calling out, “Anyone home?”  A man’s voice answers, “I’m in the bedroom!” The agent asks if he and his client can tour the house. “Sure!” answers the man. They save that bedroom for last since the door is shut. Our valiant agent knocks tentatively, “May we come in?” “Sure!” says the man. The door swings open and….wait, there’s no one there. “Hello?” calls the agent. “Hello, hello, hello….”comes the reply. Finally the agent spies a giant birdcage over in the corner. Inside is an African Grey Parrot (they’re some of the best mimickers besides the Mynah) – that’s who answered the agent! ‘Shakespeare’, the parrot has the ability to mimic his owner’s voice perfectly.


Thanks for the input, Ladies & Gentlemen and keep those stories coming!